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Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pharmacy Patient Assistance Programs

Please ask for prescription refills when you are in the office. We will refill them then, ensuring that you have a large enough supply to last until your next appointment is due. This policy saves you time and also serves as a reminder that you are due for an appointment when the prescription runs out. If for some reason you do run out before your next scheduled appointment, the easiest way to get medication refills is to call your pharmacy. They will fax us a refill request, which we will process in 24 hours.

Please note that we do not routinely refill prescriptions over the weekend or on holidays.

Patient Assistance

Below are links to a number of pharmaceutical companies that offer assistance to patients who could not otherwise afford their medications.

There is also a program called Partnership for Prescription Assistance that provides a single access point to over 475 public and private patient assistance programs. Access it on-line or telephone 1–888–477–2669.